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The perpetual bicycle tour for truth

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Found Minneapolis and some cool Artifacts
Biked through some rain, camped in a couple puddles, survived a nasty thunder storm and found some sweet artifacts. I wasn't making this crap up after all!
20-Aug-2008 The end of Attempt #1
Well, attempt #1 is over. I'm having a rough time writing about the bike tour let alone even wanting to spend time doing it. I need better means to help spread awareness. We'll see what happens next.
20-Aug-2008 Just moving along
A few photographs of my travels lately and a weird video. Hanging out with Alice and her son, John, was a good time down on the farm.
14-Aug-2008 There goes the Neighborhood
Just a short video about apples and oranges.
12-Aug-2008 Rage against the Wind
Almost there and pushing hard into the elements. Jebus works against me.
05-Aug-2008 Chasing Shadows into a Blue Oblivion
Holy Jesus, I hate the m*****f****** bugs. It's the story of one painful day with a few familiar tangents and some peaceful skies.
05-Aug-2008 The ripoff is happening right before our eyes
This problem arises every time I sit down in front of the keyboard. I've just bicycled alone for hundreds of miles through places I've never been, slept in the most curious of spots, went on a few unforeseen adventures, physically struggled through some days, swam blissfully through others, and yet all my thoughts are entirely focused elsewhere. While my photos and videos show nothing but a grand voyage on bicycle, my voice recorder is full of rage, malcontent and frustration over how badly we're being fucked by a system so many have been brainwashed to adore. It burns me up inside. Featured entries

Monicidal Mania
What do you do when you're out bicycling the Great Plains all alone? Apparently, you turn to your voice recorder and bitch about the nature of waste.

Oh those happy slaves
"Knowing how the system actually works, the only thing that matters is that we're slaves and we need to become free men before I can do anything else that's worth doing. Otherwise, we'll always be slaves, continually being cut down and marginalized until all property and life is drained from us."

Dreams within Dreams
The garbage man digs up some discomforting things.

Fit into the Mold
Fit into the mold. Fit into the mold. Fit into the mold. You'll fit, you'll do fine. And if you don't, something must be wrong with you. Here, take our drugs. They will fix you so you're right.


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minneapolis, mn
september 5th, 2008

What is this website about?

On its face, this site is about a disillusioned kid going on an endless bike ride.  That's how it began, anyway.  Separated from regular, daily influences for the first time in his life, he soon realizes that his former struggles and frustrations were largely the direct result of unsought influence.  With this weighing heavily on his mind, his online journal turns from an adventure log into a means to liberate his peers from a quiet desperation.

Now off the bike and with eyes wide open, Charlie begins to learn just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  The Machine is not an accident.  It is an evolved system of control meant to rob the everyman of his natural intuition.  Its purpose is to distract, enslave, manipulate and amuse -- whatever it takes to keep the righteous from interfering and getting the suggestible to cooperate.

Knowledge without action helps nobody.  Charlie is low on funds and faces the grim reality of having to return to the machine, but he can't bring himself to do it.  To become just another cog is to forfeit both his dreams and potential to truly make a difference.  Running on the suggestion of a reader from the original journal, he hits the road to live and liberate:

"Fitting into the mold seldom if ever leads to anything of terrible significance, just a lot of often numbing frustration. But when your restlessness finds a productive channel, and it will, no telling what your positive contribution to society will eventually be. Hell, being a cycle bum might do us all more good than anything else, long as you keep posting."
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About the author:

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My name is Charles Tronolone and I'm attempting something a bit unconventional; I'm trying to make a living by writing while on a perpetual bicycle tour. How I got to this point is a story in itself, but suffice to say that I refuse to be just another cog in the machine. There's too much important work to be done and too many eyes to open for us to be content with personal goals or riches. In late 2006, I managed to escape the machine, and now I'm setting off to help bring it down.

Whether or not this website proves to generate the revenue required to keep me on the road remains to be seen. I understand that the odds are heavily against me and that this means of income requires incredible amounts of time I simply won't have. However, it's the content that is going to accomplish what actually matters in the end. Should I fail financially, there's pride in knowing that I have already succeeded in purpose -- I have helped to liberate my peers to spread truth and meaning into their own lives.

If you're interested in helping my cause or have found the articles on this site to be personally beneficial or simply entertaining, please check out a couple of the ways you can help contribute. Aside from a kind donation, there is actually an easy way for you to earn $20 while simultaneously helping me on my mission. It allows you to withdrawal cash from *any* foreign ATM without paying a fee, and it's something that has saved me a lot of money while traveling. Click here to learn more.

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